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From Nature’s Perspective – Bringing Art into Environmental Experiences

By Guest Blogger:Kathy McGlauflin Senior Vice President, Education, American Forest Foundation Project Learning Tree’s (PLT) 28th Annual International Coordinators’ Conference was held this year in Traverse City, Michigan in May. During this time, our network of over 120 environmental educators from across the US, as well as Japan, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, came together to network and  participate in ongoing professional

Restoration in Action: Communities for Healthy Forests Break Ground with SFI Grant Support

Forests do so much for us. They provide us clean air, filter our water, sustain an unbelievable breadth of plant and animal life, and offer an incredible sanctuary to recharge our spirits. They also provide us with the products that we use every day – wood for building homes and furniture, paper for packaging, rayon for clothing, and so much more. Forests

White House Workshop Promotes Building with Wood

I had the great pleasure to participate in an exciting workshop yesterday hosted by the White House Rural Council and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Click here to read more…

First SFI Award for North American Wood Design

I’m so very proud to be recognizing the use of wood certified to the SFI Standard in the beautiful construction of an extremely worthy project: the Canadian Cancer Society’s Kordyban Lodge Cancer Care Facility designed by NSDA Architects. Click here to read more…

Conserving Our Future Forests Through Partnerships

Through my long career in forest conservation, I’ve observed that there are many “good things” that an organization can do to add value, “move the needle” forward on conservation results, and look to conserving our future forests. The real trick is figuring out the right things to do first. Click here to read more…